Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill

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Product Details

The Important of Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill for Daily Work

Holes are created in various ways, and it is difficult as doing a drill can cause harm to your hands. Therefore, with advanced technologies, the modern method of drilling is designed.

Drilling has now been economical and easily understood to have a hole in many workplaces. However, there are many options to choose from. It is performed on a stationary item, a machining center, or a rotating work piece used in the turning center.

The head of the Flexi Shaft Extension for Drill has cut and pointed edge geometrics of carbide drills. It is attached to the rigid steel drill body.

The Drills head is connected with the drill body through the turn and click system or through screws, making it easier to change the drill head without taking it out of the body from the machine. 

1440 ea996e1b2eb7851f83e52e13cec62954 - Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill

Product Details of Flexible Drill Extension with Chuck:

The Flexi Shaft Extension for Drill could be twisted, bent, and rotated in various angles. It is used to drill the small place in various gaps for having more flexible installation works. This flexible drill helps with the various household works.

Buy flexible drill bit extension that has a wide range of rotation in combination with reliable stability. During the rotation of the inner shaft, the flexible black helps in protecting your hands. And you can also Buy 46 piece tool kit that keeps all your tools in a single kit.

It has three different size extensions to provide you the required length use for different works. It is compatible with drilling, cordless screwdriver, torque drill, small wrench, pneumatic screwdriver, electric screwdriver.

1440 83f0b43000effa978d8885d3c0a522a7 - Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill

Features of Long Flexible Drill Bit Extension:

  • It provides an irreplaceable help to get out for the drilling works in the tight and challenging area to reach.
  • It is made with high-quality plastic and metals to provide the right quality product, which can be reached under the table, behind the sofa, in tight corners, and in many places. Therefore Buy a long flexible drill bit extension to reach every corner for drilling.

1440 1156a9c07e978b59b68795f4dbad48ba - Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill

  • It is a multi-purpose tool that can be attached to the multi screwdriver or to drill.

1440 57684cb1ced77e9acd35aacbef285aef - Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill

  • Buy the flexible drill extension with a chuck it can be bent, turned, and twisted for using the drills in the confined spaces and tighter spaces.
  • It comes in three different sizes for using it in various required places.

1440 df4c483eb32252719e232a0407046822 - Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill


The flexible drill extension comes in the size of 7.87 inches / 200mm, 15.7 inches / 400mm, and 11.6 inches / 295mm.

1440 d1d7422f48031e60f7089008f815c8f7 - Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill

Package Includes:

The packaging includes 3x Flexi shaft extensions used for drilling purposes.

Reason to Use the Flexible Drill Extension:

  • The machine setup is more comfortable and compact
  • It can drill in any corner reaching to every corner of your home, which is hard to reach.
  • It can drill in every direction.
  • It reduces machine handling costs.
  • It provides an efficient operation.
  • The drilling extension is not only for household work. But it is used in industry So that more complex work can be easy to achieve.

These are the importance of the flexible drilling extension. So you can complete any task with less effort.

Therefore the drilling extension is much in demand as it helps you to drill in a small tool or any corner of your areas like under the table or corners.


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