46 Piece Mechanic Tool Set

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Product Details
Product Details

Benefits of Buy Mechanics Tool Set

While shopping for a tool, you mostly choose to buy the whole mechanic box. If you want to repair your old bike and need a spinner handle, you don’t need to spend extra. If you are purchasing a mechanic set, you get available to every device for your repair.

You mostly come across many things where you need devices for various things. The mechanic set helps you out with your perfect 46 Piece Mechanic Tool Set used for multipurpose repairing, such as fixing the tap, repairing your car and many more are possible with these tools. And Buy Strongest Magnetic Wristband that stores the different magnetic tools while you are working.

Features of Complete Mechanics Tool Set with Box

✅ A wide variety of useful tools for various repairs.

✅ It is a complete mechanics tool set with the box adequately organized inside the durable mold case.

✅ The tool was easy to use.

Buy mechanics tools as it comes at an affordable price.

✅ The mechanic’s tool set gives a flawless look due to its chrome finish

Benefits of having the 46 Piece Mechanic Tool Set

The mechanic’s tool comes with various tools used for many purposes, such as repairing the car or for any household purpose.

The tools can be easily carried away.

It removes the hassle of picking all the tools one by one.

The mechanic tool kit gives you the proper idea of all tools, because of its adequate organization. It removes the risk of losing your tools.

Product Details of 46 Piece Mechanic Tool Set:

The 46 Piece Mechanic Tool Set comes with

  • 21 piece of bit sockets tool: SL 4, SL 5.5, PZ2, PZ1, PZ 3, PH1, PH2, PH 3, T30, T40, T10, T25, T20, T15, HEX8, HEX7, HEX6, HEX5, HEX4, HEX3.
  • 13 pieces of ¼ DR sockets; 4 to 14mm
  • One piece of ¼ DR Universal joint
  • One piece of ¼ X4 Extension bar
  • One piece of ¼ x6 Flexible extension
  • One piece of ¼ x2 extension bar
  • One piece of ¼ DR Sliding T bar
  • One piece of 6 spinner Handle
  • Three pieces of HEX key wrench size ranging from 1.5, 2.5, 2mm.
  • One piece of ¼ Quick Ratchet handle
  • One piece of blow case
  • One piece of bit adaptor

The mechanic toolset consists of a variety of tools. With the wide variety of tools, you can easily use it for your various purposes.

Packaging: The packaging consists of these 46 pieces of tools in a single set.

So all the wide variety of tools make it more in demand. The various tools are not used only for your car repair, but it’s helpful for many purposes.

All tools are to help people complete specific tasks and make the task to get complete quickly. So, while buying the set, look for your favorite tools you regularly use in your daily life, and with the variety of tools, you can easily find it.

As to get the specific tool, we mostly visit our neighbor or friend to ask for that single tool. Therefore buy a mechanics tool set to get all your tools near to you without asking from your neighbor or friend.

Through a single set, you can get many tools that are used in your daily life, not only for personal use but also for professionals.


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